Vaccines Help Shield Puppies From Dangerous Disease

Charli is a normal, happy, crazy puppy, and his owner is very happy to report he is into everything. Why is getting into mischief a good thing? Because when Charli first came to his family, he was lethargic, didn’t eat well and developed diarrhea just a few days after coming home. Unfortunately, Charli was [...]

Anesthesia benefits outweigh risks

Stanley is a dear sweet dog. Unfortunately, however, he has a taste for chocolate, loves to counter surf, barks too much and sometimes wiggles into his parents’ bed when there’s a fearsome storm howling outside. Well… he’ll also pop into bed when a little rain is accompanied by a wee bit of wind, but [...]

Ordinary burglary leads to surgery

When things go missing in Henry’s house, the 19-month Labrador retriever is usually the primary burglary suspect. Henry’s breed is known for finding great joy in stealing. Retrievers don’t limit themselves to purloining food, of course. Most are particularly fond of socks, blankets, shoes, dish towels and other goodies. When Henry’s owner noticed some socks [...]

Tabb’s Herb Therapy

Tabb finds comfort through herb treatment Little Tabb spent his kittenhood in a shelter, but one day, when he was just a year old, Miranda Joslin adopted him. As excited as he was to have his furrever home, the shelter life had taken its toll. He had a terrible upper respiratory infection and an [...]

Dog explains her trouble with insects

Sniff sniff. I am Gracie, the wonder dog! Sniff sniff. Some people and even a few other animals think I am just an ordinary, adorable dog. They’re wrong, wrong, wrong. I am NOT just a dog. No siree. I am the defender! I am Detective Gracie, the wonder dog! Ohhhhh…what is that? How can it [...]

Keep holidays safe for pets

The holidays are usually a time of merriment and joy for celebrants, but they can also be a season fraught with hazards and dangers for furry friends. Choosing a pet as a gift, decorating homes and tables, and sharing certain foods with animals can all cause trouble if owners aren’t mindful or fail to take [...]

Dog’s warts might look scary, but they’re likely harmless

Milo, still very much a puppy at a year old, is mildly confused about whether he is an ordinary dog or a social butterfly. Even though he hasn’t found any wings on his back, most days he flits like a butterfly among one dog buddy and another at daycare, wiggling and wagging with boundless enthusiasm. [...]

Fungus saps pup’s playfulness

When three small children were surprised with a puppy for Christmas a few years ago, their joy was marked by giggles of pure delight. A puppy! A puppy! A puppy! The family named the wiggly black lab Charles, and the bonding began. The children were not that much older than the pup, so they were [...]

Porcupines pose danger to pets

Ranger had a painful surprise when he decided it would be a good idea to investigate a small critter lumbering about at his northern Wisconsin home. Ranger, a curious 5-year-old springer spaniel, thought the animal was rather interesting, so he moved a little closer to inspect. Big mistake. Dr. Michelle McDonough surgically removed six [...]

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