I am so humiliated!


The tales you are about to read are true. The names and identities of the victims have been altered to protect the innocent. Each victim will tell his or her story in his or her own way. This story is not recommended for those with delicate constitutions.

Fluffy’s flea fracas

“My name is Fluffy. I brought fleas into my family’s home:
“My parents didn’t think I had much exposure to fleas, because I just stay in my backyard. I wasn’t on a monthly preventive treatment. One dark and gloomy day my belly started to itch. I scratched so much I got sores and scabs. When my mom noticed, she immediately took me to the vet, but by that time I needed antibiotics for a skin infection. I DID NOT want to take those disgusting pills!

“My human parents had to call an exterminator to get rid of the fleas in my house. I was so ashamed of myself.”

In this area of the country, many of the common animals that visit our yards daily (squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, etc.) can carry fleas.

Fluffy (not her real name)

A bite from those insects can create an intense itch response, and often pets are brought into the clinic because owners notice skin infections from their pets’ scratching.

By that time, it’s painful for the pets and often require antibiotics for treatment. Fleas can also transmit disease to both pets and people. It is definitely better to prevent fleas than to try and treat all the secondary problems that accompany a flea infestation. If your pet does get diagnosed with a case of fleas, using a professional exterminator is often needed to rid your home quickly of the pests.

Spot (not his real name)

Spot’s shame

“My name is Spot. I brought a tick into my house in January. My parents stopped my flea and tick preventive treatment because it got cold, so they thought ticks weren’t around anymore. Then one humiliating night when I was snuggling with my dad, he thought he found a wart on me. When he looked closer, though, he saw it had LEGS, and they were moving! Arrrrrgghh! I was so embarrassed, ashamed, disgusted and actually a little afraid because there was a live bug stuck to me.”

Ticks are hearty beasts. Anytime the temperature rises above 32 degrees, they can wake up, feed and transmit disease.

At Greendale Village Vet, our staff literally remove ticks every month of the year, including December, January and February. In southeastern Wisconsin, all dogs and all cats who goes outside need to be on a flea and tick preventives 12 months out of the year.

It is a good idea to have a veterinarian remove ticks using medical equipment. That ensures no part of the tick will remain under the skin and cause infection or disease.

Rover’s revulsion

“My name is Rover. This is so hard to admit, but I accidentally left a tapeworm segment on the couch. My mom was absolutely horrified. She actually started screaming when she realized it wasn’t rice. It was even more gross than a bath after a fun romp in the mud!”

Tapeworm infections are the result of dogs and cats biting themselves and accidentally ingesting fleas. These parasites grow in the intestinal tract. When they mature, they shed small pieces of the worm, which then crawls out of the anus into the surrounding environment. This includes themselves, furniture, the floor or anything else they contact.

Rover (not his real name)

Unfortunately, fleas and ticks are abundant in southeast Wisconsin, but infestations are easily preventable with monthly products. These products are safe and much less expensive than treating the problems that can accompany parasite infestations. And truly, these bugs are disgusting. No one wants them inside the home.

If you have questions about flea and tick prevention, please call Greendale Village Vet. Don’t let your pet be one of our parasite victims. For more information, call 414-421-1800 or visit https://greendalevillagevet.com/

For some victims it is simply too distressing to tell their story, but their embarrassment or pain is very real.