Gold-Standard Surgery

Higher standards of surgical care.


Slide Greendale Village Vet is committed to providing surgical services in a very professional and competent manner. In addition to neutering, ovariohysterectomy (spay) and declawing, a wide range of soft tissue procedures are performed.

Our commitment is to maintain a standard of excellence in all aspects of surgical principles. These standards include:

  • Maintaining a modern, clean, well-equipped surgical suite.
  • The use of materials and instruments which give the optimum benefit to the patient for the procedure being performed.
  • Following recommended guidelines for the sterilization of reusable equipment and materials.
  • Referring surgical procedures to a boarded specialist whenever necessary.

Slide Due to advances in the technology of laser surgery, Greendale Village Vet utilizes a laser surgical unit for nearly all surgeries. Using a laser to perform surgery provides significant benefits for your pet. These benefits include:
  • Little or no blood loss because the laser seals small blood vessels.
  • Little or no swelling because the laser seals the lymphatic vessels.
  • Less post-operative pain because the laser seals the nerve endings.
  • The laser allows for precision removal of tissue, usually decreases the surgical time required, vaporizes small growths, and may decrease recovery time.
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